Formed in 1986, Survey Operations has steadily grown into one of the UK's leading survey companies. Encompassing Land, Building, Utilities, Engineering and Inshore/Inland Hydrographic surveying departments, our company represents a true "one stop shop" for the resolution of any physical surveying problem.

From surveying and mapping services to construction setting-out, our workload ranges from sub-millimetre mechanical alignment tasks to 1,000 km coastal erosion monitoring projects.

Primarily geared to the needs of design consultants and construction professionals, our experience and resources are also widely utilised by a variety of technical and non-technical local and national government departments, industrialists, multiple outlet retailers, property management, hotel and restaurant chains.

Combining a full-time staff of over 80 surveyors, engineers, CAD and support personnel with over a million pounds worth of the best survey equipment available, consistent "in-house" solutions are Survey Operations business.

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