Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner

Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner Survey Operations have just taken delivery of the new Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner which makes 3D reality capture faster then ever before. The addition of this advanced scanning technology is a major bonus to our capabilities within our Laser Scanning department. With a...Read More

IDS Stream C Geo Radar

Survey Operations have invested in the latest ground radar technology.  'Stream C' is a compact array solution for real time  3D mapping of underground utility services and features. Thanks to the increased level of accuracy provided by the massive 34 antenna array, stream C is able to...Read More

Tintagel Bridge Surveying

Survey Operations have been commissioned by American Bridge Co. to provide precise surveying services for the new footbridge at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall. The 12th century castle, Tintagel gained literary fame when Geoffrey of Monmouth named it as the place where King Arthur was conceived. The...Read More

Liverpool Arena Car Park Fire

On new years eve 2017, the Liverpool arena car park caught fire after a parked vehicle ignited. The inferno recorded temperatures of over 1000 degrees centigrade and over 1000 vehicles were damaged. The estimated insurance claims will be over 20 million pounds. Structure review Liverpool city...Read More

UAV Surveying

Drone surveys Using UAV/Drone technology has now become a day-to-day surveying method for Survey Operations. From providing video presentation, in particular, for our Estate Agent clients to help sales of larger properties, to surveying inaccessible buildings, to large landfill sites for volume...Read More

Beeny's Restoration Nightmare

As has often been the case over the last 30 years, much of our best work has been completed behind the scenes or hidden beneath a particular clients banner. However, in the second series of Sarah Beeny's "Beeny's Restoration Nightmare", Survey Operations personnel may actually be seen working...Read More

Reservoir Surveys

Surveying a Reservoir When the amendments to the Reservoirs Act 1975 came into play many owners and operators of past exempt reservoirs awaited the outcome. Previously, dammed or bunded reservoirs of less than 25,000 cubic metres capacity are exempt from the expensive provisions of this Act but...Read More

Coastal Cliff & Dune Monitoring

Being one of UKs leading coastal surveying companies and a major user of both 3D laser scanning and high precision GPS, it seemed a logical development to combine the methodologies and instrumentation of all three into a single unified approach. Primarily developed to accurately monitor and...Read More

Highway Surveying

Highway surveying issues Based on our experiences of combining survey methods to suit a particular client need, we have most recently turned our attentions to the problem of remotely surveying sections of highway to the highest possible accuracy. Whilst a number of high speed, dynamically...Read More

Church Surveying

Listed building surveys There are approximately 28,000 churches in England alone, of which 14,000 are listed buildings. In fact, 45% of all Grade 1 listed buildings are churches so it is not surprising that a large proportion of our building survey workload relates to either current or former,...Read More

Slipforming Engineering Surveyors

Slipforming poses a number of problems for engineering surveyors and despite close tolerance control systems, vertical displacements and axis rotations will always occur. In recent years, Survey Operations have been developing systems to both minimise construction errors and to quantify...Read More

Hovercraft Surveys

Coastal monitoring via Hovercraft! Survey Operations are probably the only survey company in the UK to own commercial hovercraft, and they are certainly the only one to operate this unique design specially built by the company who make hovercraft for the movie industry. Surveying in...Read More

Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR utility surveys Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR, has been in use by utilities tracing surveyors for some years now but is still relatively misunderstood by many potential clients. Ground Penetrating Radar uses Primarily, GPR is used to locate non-metallic or non-conductive services such as...Read More

Culverts & Deep Tunnels

Sewers and Culverts Surveying within culverts and deep tunnels is becoming something of a lost art and accordingly, our specialist confined spaces teams have never been busier. Our contracts within the water industry predominantly involve the precise traversing, detailing and alignment of...Read More