Land surveys

Land surveys

Survey Operations’ primary activity is carrying out topographical surveys, which range from small development schemes of just a few acres to large scale redevelopment projects covering hundreds of hectares

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building surveys

Building surveys

Building Surveying’ can cover a wide and varied range of client requirements, but to simplify matters, Survey Operations have combined every possible dimensional solution relating to building problems within this single category.

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Utilities surveying


In the world of surveying, very few companies take Utilities as seriously as we do at Survey Operations, and even fewer come close in terms of survey expertise and equipment. See how we can help you

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Engineering surveys


In an increasingly technical world, very few construction projects can rely solely upon basic setting-out methods and limited site resources. Even the most experienced project team will, at some stage, need additional technical support to resolve an immediate, critical problem.

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Hydrographic surveys


Due to our long established links with the Water and Minerals industries, Survey Operations initially developed Hydrographic surveying options relevant to inland lakes, lagoons and reservoirs. Incorporating the needs of our consultant clients has naturally extended our capabilities.

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3D Laser scanning

Laser scanning

3D Laser Scanning really does provide the ultimate non-contact solution to many of our clients dimensional questions. Enabling us to accurately survey any structure, installation or terrain without access equipment and from positions of safety, means that previously insoluble problems can now be successfully resolved.

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Mobile Mapping

Survey Operations have invested in the latest mobile mapping technology to provide our clients with a cost effective way to undertake large scale surveys in short timescales. This method creates measured data to full approved survey standards and accuracies.


Ian Smith

Commercial manager

Responsible for initial client contact, survey advisor and specification consultant.

Dave Birchall

Operations manager

Responsible for resources management, our client contact for project control and workload programming.

Simon Beaumont

Engineering & SHEQ quality manager

Responsible for our quality procedures, certification, audit control and point of contact for our engineering department.

Matt Holder

CAD verification manager

Responsible for our cad department, client contact for deliverable products.

Aaron Jenkins

Office support

Responsible for office management and supplier liaison day to day.


John Taylor's Bellfoundry

John Taylor's Bellfoundry

John Taylor's Bellfoundry, Loughborough, Leicestershire John Taylor's bellfoundry is Britains last remaining large scale bell foundry. The building is over 160 years old with over 25,000 bells having been cast since 1859, with weights of up to 15 tonnes made from molten iron. It is on the brink of...

Toddbrook Reservoir Dam Wall Monitoring

Toddbrook Reservoir Dam Wall Monitoring

On the morning of August 1st, concerns were raised about the Toddbrook reservoir dam wall as the reservoir reached capacity and water began to spill down the concrete spillway. Dam wall collapse By 1pm part of the concrete spillway had collapsed due to the overtopping water, raising immidiate...

David Parr House, Cambridge

David Parr House, Cambridge

David Parr worked with William Morris and other influential textile designers in the arts and crafts movement.  His view on life was that 'you better yourself through the arts'. David Parr classed himself as an artistic decorator, hand painting walls for a living.  In his spare time he...

Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner

Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner

3D Surveys Survey Operations have just taken delivery of the new Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner which makes 3D reality capture faster then ever before. The addition of this advanced scanning technology is a major bonus to our capabilities within our Laser Scanning department. With a measuring rate...

IDS Stream C Geo Radar

IDS Stream C Geo Radar

Survey Operations have invested in the latest ground radar technology.  'Stream C' is a compact array solution for real time  3D mapping of underground utility services and features. Thanks to the increased level of accuracy provided by the massive 34 antenna array, stream C is able to...

Tintagel Bridge Surveying

Tintagel Bridge Surveying

Precise Surveying Services Survey Operations have been commissioned by American Bridge Co. to provide precise surveying services for the new footbridge at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall. The 12th century castle, Tintagel gained literary fame when Geoffrey of Monmouth named it as the place where King...