IDS Stream C Geo Radar

IDS Stream C Geo Radar

Survey Operations have invested in the latest ground radar technology.  'Stream C' is a compact array solution for real time  3D mapping of underground utility services and features.

Thanks to the increased level of accuracy provided by the massive 34 antenna array, stream C is able to automatically detect pipes and cables.

Ground Survey Benefits

The benefits are high productivity as the survey only needs to be undertaken in one direction to ensure optimal detection for both longitudinal and transversal pipes.

The radar can be used manually or towed by a small vehicle up to 6km/hour.

Utility Mapping

Accurate 3D reconstruction of underground utility networks can be created in a single scan of the ground.  Automatic pipe detection can be undertaken in real time for buried cables and pipes.

GPS equipment is fitted to the stream C to enable the field data to be created into a digital model and added to cartographic base data or topographical survey data.

Please contact our office for further information and current survey rates on 01695 725662