Utilities Surveying

In the world of surveying, few companies take utilities as seriously as we do at Survey Operations, and even fewer come close in terms of survey expertise and equipment.

Utility Mapping Surveys

Whilst land surveyors map the visible world around us, utilities surveyors detail the invisible world hidden beneath your feet. At Survey Operations, our Utilities Surveyors are trained to do both offering our clients a comprehensive one-stop, one-visit service.

Underground Utility Survey

Using a variety of the latest electromagnetic and (GPR) radar techniques, our personnel can locate all known services, isolate individual cable runs and identify unexpected subterranean voids. We are also one of the very few companies in the UK who employ specialist confined spaces and precision culvert alignment teams.

From tracing a single utility to scanning and mapping an entire site, your problem becomes our priority, and our reputation becomes your guarantee.

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