Videos of our Scanning & Surveying

Survey Operations Canal Bridge Surveying.

Canal Bridge

A high intensity 3D laser scan video showing the benefits of our approach.

Survey Operations Allerton Church Surveying.

Allerton Church

A high intensity 3D laser scan video showing detail and sectioning possibilities.

Survey Operations Manchester Right Of Lights.

Manchester Right of Lights

a white knuckle ride through a city centre made entirely of raw survey data and ROL model.

Survey Operations Chester Cathederal Surveying.

Chester Cathederal

Laser scanning historical buildings

Survey Operations Industrial Surveying.

Industrial Surveying

An introduction to the precise surveying of industrial plant and equipment

Survey Operations liverpool Moorfields Surveying.

Liverpool Moorfields

Positioning an underground station to enable piling for above ground construction

Survey Operations Stockport Streetscape Surveying.

Stockport Streetscape

A dramatic fly-through the raw survey data collected for a 'streetscape' project.

Survey Operations Rise Hall Surveying.

Rise Hall Stable Block

Raw scan data collected prior to restoration

Survey Operations Church Bell Tower Surveying.

Church Bell Tower

A short animation showing presentation options for an accurately modelled structure

Survey Operations 3D Sewer Visualisation.

3D Sewer Visualisation

a short, simple example of combining above and below ground scanned detail